1. What are My Race Tatts?
    My Race Tatts are easy peel-off temporary tattoos designed specifically for athletes. They are more than just decorative tattoos; they are powerful tools that help boost your race day confidence, motivation, and intention.

  2. How do My Race Tatts work?
    Simply apply the My Race Tatts to your skin before your race or training session. The affirmations and intentions printed on the tattoos serve as reminders of your goals, inner strength, and determination. They help shift your focus away from doubts and fears, and towards a positive and determined mindset.

  3. Are My Race Tatts safe for the skin?
    Yes, absolutely! My Race Tatts are made from high-quality, skin-safe materials. They are non-toxic and dermatologically tested to ensure they are safe for use on your skin. They can be easily removed using soap, water, and gentle rubbing.

  4. Can I customize the affirmations or designs on My Race Tatts?
    Currently, we offer a range of pre-designed affirmations and motivational designs that have been carefully curated by athletes for athletes. However, we are constantly working on expanding our range, so stay tuned for future customization options.

  5. How long do the My Race Tatts last?
    The durability of My Race Tatts depends on various factors such as skin type, location of application, and friction. On average, they can last up to several days, even with regular physical activity and sweat. However, they are designed to be easily removable whenever you desire.

  6. Can I wear My Race Tatts during water-based activities like swimming?
    Yes, My Race Tatts are water-resistant, which means you can wear them during water-based activities such as swimming or triathlons. They are designed to stay intact and legible even when exposed to water.

  7. Do My Race Tatts leave any residue on the skin?
    No, My Race Tatts are designed to leave minimal to no residue on the skin when properly removed. Simply use soap, water, and gentle rubbing to remove them completely.

  8. Are My Race Tatts suitable for all types of races?
    Absolutely! Whether you're preparing for a triathlon, marathon, half marathon, 10k, 5k, or an ultra-marathon, My Race Tatts can be a powerful tool to inspire and motivate you in any race or training session.

  9. Can I reuse My Race Tatts?
    No, My Race Tatts are designed for single-use only. Each set contains multiple tattoos to ensure you have enough for your race day or training period.

  10. How can I purchase My Race Tatts?
    You can purchase My Race Tatts directly from our website, myracetatts.com. Simply browse through our collection, add the desired products to your cart, and proceed to checkout. We offer secure payment options and worldwide shipping for your convenience.